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Your Choir Supports G.E.A.R

Your Choir are celebrating the anniversary of their first gig with their continued support of G.E.A.R. in King’s Lynn on Sunday 30 April 2023. The choir will be singing all morning while the runners do their best to raise money for their individual charities.

“You can find us on the quay in Kings Staithe Square, in the same position we were in last year.

We are really excited to be back and feel that it is important to support everyone who is not only making the effort to run the circuit, but also raising money for their preferred charity,” says Mike Tandy, the choir’s founder. “Last year this was our first ever performance, so it was important to come back and mark the day as well as support the race.”

“During the past year we have been singing all over the county and have raised over £4,000.0 for local charities. We have had a really good time doing it and have a wonderful repertoire of songs for audiences to enjoy. The Choir continues to grow, and we are always welcoming new members to our group.”

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looking forward to joining in 2023 if I can get up early! I thought they looked very neat.

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