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Friends Of Your Choir

We're thrilled to announce a fantastic new reward scheme at Your Choir. It's quite simple really. Bring a friend who then joins Your Choir , get 20% off your membership. 

Bring two friends? Get 20% off the next two terms.. etc etc. Please see our terms and conditions at the bottom of this page


Apply reward when placing your first order.

Get a 20% discount for each friend you refer

Get special perks for you and your friends

Get a 20% discount for each friend who buys a plan.

Applies to the first 4 billing cycles of "Monthly".

There some things to note. 

The amount of terms you can get for 20% off is unlimited.

Bring 10 friends who join in one term, get 10 terms at 20% off.

Your friend has to complete one full term to qualify for the reward.

You can't get the offer on our Household or other discounted plans

The reward can only be used on a 'pay monthly' plan. 

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